About Westside Shadow Buyer

shadow familyI am a guy with a wife and a kid who wants a house in Santa Monica or Brentwood.  I believe that if we don’t say what we want in life, we are less likely to get it.  Don’t ask, don’t get.  It’s that simple.

After reading this site, if you think I might be interested in your buying your house, please email me at shadowbuyer (at) gmail (dot) com.


One Response to “About Westside Shadow Buyer”

  1. matt Says:

    Hey, so there IS a blog that isn’t all down on the westside real estate market. Refreshing! I’m embaring on a similar journey as you just finished – I’m 30 with wife, 2 yr old daughter and son due in 6 weeks. Just the perfect time to stop renting I think….

    Where did you buy? I’m looking in Ocean Park, SM.
    Best to you.

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