New plan to turn this market on its head

At Shadowbuyer HQ, we have hatched a new plan that has the potential to turn the stuck-in-the-mud, mid-high-end Santa Monica/Brentwood market on its head.  This will be the last you hear of it until after the first stage of the plan has been executed.  Wish us luck.


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10 Responses to “New plan to turn this market on its head”

  1. Mrs. King Says:

    Good Luck! Our family lives on Saltair and its great…..

  2. tbgpalisades Says:

    Shadow Buyer – we’ve been looking for an update. Why the suspense? I have to say, well done on your diligent and rational search efforts! How are you keeping the spouse at bay? That’s usually the tipping point.

    • shadowsm Says:

      Thanks for your interest. A fuller update will follow, but for now, I can tell you that phase one of the plan created some promising traction, but no transaction (yet). The short version of phase one was that we identified 5 homes with sub-$3 million asking prices, and 180+ days on the market, and then aggressively UNDERbid (by more than 25%). One had just accepted another offer but put us in an informal back-up slot. Another declined to respond at all. The Saltair house had already secured a bank-accepted short-sale offer north of $3 million. The two remaining homes countered. We re-countered on one of them (the other was at this point less interesting to us), which turned out to be in a multiple-counter situation, and received a first-position, counter-counter-counter (best, last, final – if you accept, it’s yours), which was a couple hundred thousand more than we thought prudent. So we begged off, indicating that at our price, we were buyers. I’d call it 50/50 that we hear back and get another shot at that home.

      To address your other question – how have I achieved such uncommon levels of spousal abeyance? Last year at about this time, I found a beach-front rental in Oxnard (poor-man’s Malibu), and made plans to install the Shadow Family there (at significant expense, but in the scheme of things, still a net money saver b/c we didn’t buy an overpriced home early last year) for three months over the summer. The happy memories of frolicking in the surf and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves seem to have earned me about a half-year’s worth of patience from the Shadow Wife. Oxnard costs 1/5 of Malibu, and if you don’t have a $10K/month mortgage payment to make, you too can afford to live like a beach bum for a month or two.

      More to come, we’re on to another hot not-yet-listed home.

  3. tbgpalisades Says:

    Thanks for the response – good luck!

  4. andy Says:

    any updates?

  5. Jay Says:

    Any news out there? What’s going on with the search?

  6. Mrs. King Says:

    Hey there…is Brentwood Park of any interest to you?????

    • shadowsm Says:

      Yes. Who wouldn’t want to live in Brentwood Park? That’s the pinnacle, as far as I’m concerned. Why, do you have a tip for me? Do tell, please.

  7. Mrs. King Says:

    Oh, I read your ‘wants’ . My mother in law is about to put her B’wood Park home on Cliffwood on the market…but it will be in the 4-5mm range. Also, she would prefer to sell it without paying RE agent commish. So thats why we are sniffing around.

    Good luck with your search…and congrats on the boy!

    Mrs. King

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