No More $3.5 Million Typos, Please

Our friends at took a break from building their book swapping service to take Realtors to task for their questionable use of language and syntax.  It’s worth a read.  Here’s an excerpt:

“But there is a special class of typo that has really been bugging me lately. Call it the $3.5 million typo. Here in Los Angeles, real estate is expensive. Houses for sale are listed on the Multiple Listing Service. This is an online repository of information on properties available for purchase in the city.”

“So, here’s my issue…if you are a realtor, and someone entrusts you to sell what is most likely their most valuable asset – in many cases a home worth several MILLION dollars – could you please, please, please pay a little bit of attention to the 40-word blurb you publish to describe this house.”



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