Nimrod! And, introducing Mrs. Shadow Buyer

Nimrod. Beckwith. Brinkley. Oceano. Saltair. Centinela. Carmelina. Franklin.

These are not pet names that my wife calls me, but rather the names of some of the streets that she would love to live on.  If you live on one of these streets, or if you know someone who does, and you or they are considering selling a home, whether the home is currently listed for sale or not, please drop me an email.

From time to time, Mrs. Shadow Buyer and Baby Shadow Buyer’s wants and likes will be detailed here.  As we often say in the Shadow Buyer household, “say what you want.”

Enough said.


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One Response to “Nimrod! And, introducing Mrs. Shadow Buyer”

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    […] location that we would have been quite happy to call home (in fact, the street was even listed in THIS POST introducing Mrs. Shadowbuyer some months back as a street of great interest to us), the Shadowfamily […]

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