Cheers, Arthur Frobisher

loch nessie082Only in L.A. and New York do you run into this particular home buying problem.

You hear about an interesting home for sale.  You stack your chips, check your gut, and fling in an offer.  Then, you hear that the too-good-to-be-true price level was just that.  Some other bidder has elevated the price war out of your comfort zone.  So, you walk away, slightly relieved, and tell yourself that, “it wasn’t meant to be,” and “we’ll get ’em next time.”

Then, further details emerge.  It’s not just that this other buyer outbid you by $100K.  Rather, this other buyer parachuted in to the bidding, and like dynamite on a burning oil well, threw down slightly more than $3 million in CASH, with no contingencies.

Well, it’s no wonder that he won the bidding war.  The guy who goes nuclear generally wins the war.

Helping to put the situation in perspective, I learned a few days after this happened that the winning bidder was none other than Ted Danson, who played Sam Malone in Cheers, and more recently has won acclaim as the evil Arthur Frobisher on FX’s excellent DAMAGES.

What can I say?  I love his work AND his house.  My search continues.

Do me a favor and be sure to read the first post on this site.  If you think I might want to buy your home, or your friend’s home, whether or not it is currently listed for sale, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know.


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